Mr. Dr. Arif Alvi
President of Pakistan

Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif
Prime Minister of Pakistan

Daily Case List
Date Case Parties
December 12, 2022 FOH-HQR/0000449/2022 Ms. Asia R.K. Lodhi vs Mr. Bilal Ahmed Butt
December 12, 2022 FOH-ONL/0000120/2021 Syeda Gulbadan Shahid vs Mr. Hassan Khan Leghari
December 12, 2022 FOH-HQR/0000493/2022 Ms. Rukhshana Yasmin vs Mr. Sajjad Hanif and Others
December 12, 2022 FOH-HQR/0000498/2022 Ms. Maleeha Irfan vs Mr. Ikram ul Haq and Others
December 09, 2022 FOH-CHI/0000011/2022 Ms. Alina Chaudhry vs Mr. Muhammad Faheem Aslam
December 09, 2022 FOH-HQR/0000293/2022 Mr. Muhammad Zeeshan Awan vs Dr. Zain Shaikh
December 09, 2022 FOH-HQR/0000396/2022 Dr. Muhammad Qaiser vs Chairman PCSIR and Others
December 09, 2022 FOH-HQR/0000291/2022 Mr. Usman Arshad Baig vs Chief Commissioner and Others
December 09, 2022 FOH-ONL/0000316/2022 Ms. Bushra Zahid vs Mr. Sarfaraz Qamar Daha and Others
December 09, 2022 FOH-HQR/0000481/2022 Mr. Rizwan Khursheed vs Mr. Faheem Javed
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All Federal Ombudsmen, full review meeting held at Aiwan-e-Sadr, Islamabad

President calls for strengthening institutions of Ombudsmen for speedy justice

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